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SIGMA 16-28mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary


• Formule optique: 13 éléments en 11 groupes, avec 5 FLD et 4 lentilles asphérices
• Zoom interne
• Système de mise au point interne
• Compatible avec l’autofocus grande vitesse
• Moteur pas à pas
• Compatible avec la correction des aberrations optiques
• DMF en AF+ MF support
• Revêtement multicouche Super Multi-Layer
• Monture avec construction étanche à la poussière et aux éclaboussures
• Diaphragme arrondi à 9 lames
• Monture à baïonnette en laiton : haute précision et durable
• « Made in Japan », dans un esprit artisanal exemplaire

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The full-frame SIGMA 16-28mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary combines exceptional optical quality, a bright F2.8 constant aperture and a robust and lightweight body, opening up new possibilities for L-Mount and Sony E-mount shooters who need professional results in a compact package.

With its excellent field curvature correction, the 16-28mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary is able to achieve exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness, which is essential for most wide-angle applications. It boasts five FLD elements and four aspherical lens elements to ensure optimal image quality with minimal aberrations.

The lens has an inner zoom mechanism that keeps overall length consistent throughout the entire zoom range, helping it feel balanced in the hand. The inner zoom also means the lens’ center of gravity stays fairly constant, so it’sperfect for gimbal use. A front filter thread allows filters to be attached more easily.

With an exceptionally compact form-factor, weighing in at just 450g and measuring just 100.6mm in length, this is a highly practical optic that is portable enough for everyday shooting. It’s especially appealing for landscape, wedding and travel photographers who need to carry their kit over long distances or for long periods of time.

The 16-28mm F2.8 DG DN | C brilliantly combines the portability of a compact zoom with the high-definition optical performance of a large-aperture lens, making it a game-changer in the mirrorless ultra-wide-angle zoom category.

Plus d'infos
Formule optique11 groups, 16 elements (5 FLD and 4 aspherical elements)
Lens TypeStandard
Sensor SizeFull Frame
Angle de vue107°–75.4°
Diaphragme9 (rounded diaphragm)
Ouverture minimaleF22
Distance minimale de mise au point25cm
Rapport de reproduction maximal1:5.6
Dimensions (diamètre x longueur)φ77.2mm x 100.6mm
Poids (gramme)450 gram
Diamètre de filtre72mm
Edition number22
* All figures calculated by L-Mount. Note: The L-Mount Trademark is a registered Trademark of Leica Camera AG. About Product Name: Product name includes "DG" when the lens is designed to deliver the ultimate in performance on cameras with full-frame sensors, and "DN" when the lens design is optimized for mirrorless cameras with the short flange focal length.
Lens Construction
Geometrical MTF Chart - 16mm
Diffraction MTF Chart - 16mm
Geometrical MTF Chart - 28mm
Diffraction MTF Chart - 28mm
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